Medicinal Dark Chocolate Bark Three Ways [Vegan, GF]

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Vegan and GF Medicinal Mushroom Chocolate Bark Three Ways

For me, nothing compares to the dedication and ingenuity of a homemade DIY Christmas Gift. The reducing, reusing and repurposing helps lessen our environmental footprint during this season of excess. Some take advantage of their handy nature, while others zone in on their crafty skills, but for me, I often gift edible Christmas presents which has included Peanut Butter Energy Balls or Toasted Muesli In a Jar in the past. This Medicinal Dark Vegan Chocolate Bark Made Three Ways is made using maple syrup and real cocoa butter for the authentic chocolate taste. Some of my favourite flavour combinations for this Chocolate Bark include Peppermint and Toasted Coconut, Cherries and Toasted Almonds, and Coffee and Cacao Nibs. This Christmas I’ve also added a little medicine (or some may say magic) to this bark for a truly healthy start to the New Year.

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Have a Heart: Ethical Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe for Valentines

Raw Chocolate Brownies

Maybe Valentines day is a lot-a-bit commercialised, but that doesn’t have to take away from the beautiful jesters lovers do for one another on this special day. From romantic picnics to candle-lite dinners for two. However you decide to spend this Valentines day there is almost a guaranteed exchange of chocolate. This Valentines day we can try and make the most ethical chocolate choices. Scroll to the bottom for my favourite Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe and for a list of local Fair Trade Chocolate available in your country.
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Wild Blackberries and A Conscious Jam Recipe

Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe

This season was my first blackberry season. Growing up in northern BC we had salmonberries, blueberries and huckleberries… but nothing that grows as feverishly as wild blackberries. After my fair share of thorns and bloody arms I had enough berries to make jam… but what sugar to use? Honey had taken main stage on my shelves but that wouldn’t do for jam. Are there environmental and ethical factors to consider when buying sugar?
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What You Want To Know About Tea & A Fairtrade Berry Cucumber Iced Tea Recipe

Refreshing Berry Cucumber Iced Tea

It’s spring time in Victoria and beautiful sunny afternoons are spent on the patio with friends and a nice cold drink in hand. My new housemate Sage came up with the delicious concoction one afternoon and I thought it would be great to share. This naturally sweetened beverage with subtle hints of berries and the freshness of sliced cucumbers is super simple to make and is a no calorie drink that can be enjoyed any time of the year. But first… lets talk tea.
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