Five Ways To A Healthy Gut – Prebiotics, Probiotics and Fermentation

Five Ways To Optimal Digestive Health

Why do we need to make sure our gut is happy? Our gut is filled with about 100 trillion bacteria, in fact, we have more bacteria cells in our body than human cells! We are only starting to understand all the functions this community of bacteria has– they crack open indigestible food for us, supply our gut with energy, manufacture vitamins, breaks down toxins and medications, and train our immune system. We also know that having a good supply of friendly bacteria can help prevent type 2 diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression. Here are my top five ways to a healthy gut to help you be your healthiest self. This article was written for Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities run by ISPARC and SportMedBC.
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What Western Medicine Can Learn From Traditional Aboriginal Healing

Traditional Aboriginal Healing - Vancouver Island BC

Mural in Chermainus, Vancouver Island, BC

For me there is no denying, there is something so very enchanting about traditional Aboriginal healing. Maybe it’s the images of peyote and smoke ceremonies. Or maybe it’s the idea of the mysterious medicine man, with his limitless knowledge in healing herbs and plants. Or maybe its just knowing that our First People had an effective world of medicine before colonisation – medicine that came from this land and was specific for the people that inhabited it. Aboriginal healing extends far beyond herbal teas and smudging. At its roots it is the belief and the practice in a holistic approach to health- in treating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of health as one.

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Wild Rice and Cornmeal Patties – Celebrating National Aboriginal Day

Wild Rice and Cornmeal Patties

A two in one celebration! June 21st is National Aboriginal Day as well as the Summer Solstice the longest day of the year. We celebrate First Nations, Métis and Inuit people on this day because of the cultural significance of the summer solstice in traditional aboriginal culture. Aboriginal culture celebrates the return of warmth on the solstice, and acknowledges that the season is short and to not take the gift of summer for granted. Spring is associated with renewal and rebirth, where summer is associated with growth and maturation.
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