Raw Chocolate Brownie with Caramel Icing [Vegan, GF]

Recipe for Raw Chocolate Brownie with Caramel Icing

Tomorrow is Valentines day and being the responsible Dietitian that I am, I am sharing my favourite ultra healthy raw chocolate brownie. If your looking for a non-Cadbury chocolaty treat for your special someone, I encourage you to give this recipe a try. Even the biggest of skeptics would be impressed by the combination of gooey dates and hearty nuts. And you wouldn’t believe its completely raw! But what really makes this recipe for Raw Chocolate Brownie with Caramel Icing a keeper is the “caramel icing…”
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Have a Heart: Ethical Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe for Valentines

Raw Chocolate Brownies

Maybe Valentines day is a lot-a-bit commercialised, but that doesn’t have to take away from the beautiful jesters lovers do for one another on this special day. From romantic picnics to candle-lite dinners for two. However you decide to spend this Valentines day there is almost a guaranteed exchange of chocolate. This Valentines day we can try and make the most ethical chocolate choices. Scroll to the bottom for my favourite Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe and for a list of local Fair Trade Chocolate available in your country.
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Healing Breakfast Smoothie with Berries, Banana and Cacao

Healing Breakfast Smoothie with Berry Banana and Cacao from Ingredients Apple Cafe, Victoria BC

I love Victoria and its bountifulness of amazing eateries. I am continuously inspired by all the fresh, local, healthy fare that is waiting for you around every corner. This weekend a friend took me to an unassuming spot for lunch; a health food store with a tiny organic café inside, Ingredients Health Food & Apple Café.
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The Best Chocolate Avocado Mousse You Have Ever Had! (And It’s Vegan!)

Best Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Today I’m turning 27. I have a pretty clear memory of all the birthday cakes that helped to get me to this age. When I was young it was always a DQ ice cream cake or any cake with pictures of Disney on it. Then as I ‘matured’ into my teenage years, angel food cake was the go. Now, the more health conscious Rachel has opted to forgo the refined carbohydrates, saturated fat and sugar packed desserts and instead…. is having the best chocolate avocado mousse you have ever had!!!!
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