Healthy Chickpea Oil-Free Dip with Sundried Tomatoes

Recipe for Healthy Chickpea Oil-Free Dip - GF Vegan

Hands down, the Middle East is one of my favourite regions in the world to visit. Sleeping on rooftops, shopping the magical bazaars, and sampling the amazing cuisine. Just as you would be served a bread basket here at home, some creamy hummus and fresh made pita is the Middle Eastern way of welcoming you into their restaurant. Their hummus is rich with flavours that we could only hope to replicate. I think this may be partially due to their top quality olive oils that are equally aromatic as they are rich in flavour. So what do I do when when I can’t replicate their delicious hummus – create a ‘chickpea spread’ instead. This Healthy Chickpea Oil-Free Dip with Sundried Tomatoes knows that it will always be overshadowed by its creamy hummus cousin, but coming in second isn’t so bad either.