A Zingy Green Summer Juice

Zingy Fresh Green Summer Juice

Once you go green, you’ll never go back.

My previous method of juicing included taking anything and everything and pressing it down my juicer. It was a gamble when it came to taste, but I was experimenting. I’m content now knowing that I prefer not to juice my parsnips. When I found out that people actually followed recipes for juices, and that the final product was always something delicious, I needed to know more.

I got this recipe from Café Bliss in Victoria, I added ginger to my recipe but omit it if you want to try the original version. The original recipe also calls for only 1/2 a lime but I prefer a whole one. It is a great summer juice with the refreshing cucumber and the zingy lime. This is only the beginning of my juicing, recipe following ventures. So stay tuned.

Zingy Green Summer Juice

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Recipe for Zingy Green Summer Juice

Makes 1 large juice or 2 small
Recipe adapted from Café Bliss in Victoria
Total Time To Finish: 5 minutes

Ingredients for Zingy Green Summer Juice

1 lime including the peel
2 inch piece of ginger (optional)
2 handfuls of parsley
1 cucumber
2 green apples

Method for Zingy Green Summer Juice

Press the ingredients down your juicer in the order listed. Enjoy straight from the juicer.

*I keep my apples and other juicing ingredients in the fridge prior to juicing. That way when they are juiced the juice is already nice and chilled.

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