Which Sustainable and Seasonal Fish To Enjoy This Summer

Sustainable Seafood To Enjoy This Summer

Tofino, BC

Last month I shared my thoughts on Five Steps to Becoming a Sustainable Seafood Foodie. Last week in my inbox, the Centre for Food Safety sent me their thoughts on The Best Sustainable Fish To Eat In The Summer. Coincidentally, their article also included their top 5 tips on sustainable seafood eating.

It was nice to see that both posts had a focus on choosing wild, local seafood that is not farmed or caught by unsustainable fishing methods. Both also made mention that seafood is seasonal, which is something that is not always taken into consideration when choosing which protein to have for dinner. While I encouraged Spot Prawns as a great seasonal choice from May-July, The Centre for Food Safety included a comprehensive list of which fish to enjoy this summer. Although their list is American, much of it can apply to us up here in Canada. I have included the most relevant to BC below. See their post for East Coast choices.

Sustainable Fish Choices This Summer

Summer in Victoria, BC

Which Sustainable West Coast Fish To Enjoy This Summer

  • Albacore Tuna (troll, pole),
  • Dungeness Crab,
  • Pacific Cod (hook & line, longline & trap),
  • Pacific Halibut
  • Sablefish (also known as Black Cod or Butterfish) (Alaska wild)
  • Salmon (wild),
  • Sardines (Pacific) (US wild-caught)
  • Shellfish: mussels, oysters, clams (farmed),

For more information on sustainable seafood see my posts Seafood: The good, the bad and the ugly, and Seafood: There is something fishy about fish farms. See the entire post The Best Sustainable Fish To Eat In The Summer for more information on seasonal seafood eating.

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