The Low Down on BPA – Health and Environmental Concerns

BPA Epoxy Resins Present In Surfboards,

BPA Epoxy Resins In Surfboards

The more and more I think and write about food, the more I put my pantry shelves to scrutiny. While the ultimate goal is to reduce any reliance on ‘processed food’, one food product that makes a regular appearance in my kitchen is canned tomatoes. They are an essential during the winter months when fresh tomatoes taste like cardboard and can transform winter stews and soups. Aside from canned foods coming with a hefty transportation induced carbon footprint, there is the effects of BPA on the environment (and our health) to consider. If you are not lucky enough to have jars of preserved tomatoes from your summer garden harvest, the BPA in the cans lining could be doing damage. But what is BPA? What are the healthy and environmental concerns?

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