For The Flexitarian – How To Make Sustainable Meat Choices

Flexitarian Diet - How To Eat Meat Sustainable

The new Canadian Food Guide is set to be released early this year. It has spiked a lot of interest, especially with the presumed removal of the Dairy Food Group, and the focus on Plant-Based Proteins over meat. The benefits of a plant-based diet for general health and environmental sustainability have been discussed in previous posts, and if you have landed on my blog you are likely interested in eating for a healthy planet (see What Your Health Care Professional Should Tell You About Food Sustainability). For those who wish to consume meat sustainably and consciously, and follow more of a ‘Flexitarian” approach, here are some tips on how to make the right choice for your health, and the environment.
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Hemp Milk Recipe – A Better Alternative

Hemp Milk Recipe - A Better Alternative

If you haven’t already heard, the new Canadian Food Guide draft is out and it’s down one food group – dairy. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, dairy has taken a back seat. There is a growing number of milk alternatives available – rice, almond, buckwheat, quinoa, soy just to name a few, though each pre-packaged milk alternative comes with its pros and cons (see Milk Alternatives – Finding The Best One For You and Almond Milk – Is It Worth Going Nuts For? ) Hemp seeds have been back on the Canadian market since 1998 and are only just being introduced to Australia and New Zealand. If you haven’t considered hemp milk yet now is the time! This homemade Hemp Milk Recipe is packed full of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Bonus points for simplicity – no straining required.
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It’s Not Gluten In Your Bread That’s Making You Sick

Wheat Contamination By Glyphosate in Canada, Eurupe and USA

Gluten-free is all the buzz, and many people feel better when they cut out wheat. But what if it isn’t only gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and rye – that is causing the problem? Canada has been using the highly criticized herbicide glyphosate in the harvesting of wheat and scientists and medical professionals have proposed that maybe it’s the herbicides residue that our bodies are reacting to. Could it be that the demonizing of gluten has drawn attention away from the potential effects of this industrial agricultural practice?
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Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds – Which One Is Healthier and More Sustainable?

Flaxseeds are grown in the Okanogan, BC

Mother and Daughter near the Okanogan, where Flaxseeds are now grown.

Superfoods are big money. With their promises of everlasting youth and renewed vitality, consumers will happily spend the big bucks without further question. Some really are super, some are flops (ie. noni juice). We have always known that seeds hold a high nutritional value, but we’ve moved past the common sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seed and are now looking for something new and edgy. Chia seeds, flaxseeds and hemp seeds have all made their mainstream supermarket debut over the last few years and as super as they all are, each of them has individual health properties that are as unique as their consumers are. Some are better suited to certain individuals, and some consumers like to factor in their environmental standpoint. Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds – which one better for you?
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Which Sustainable and Seasonal Fish To Enjoy This Summer

Sustainable Seafood To Enjoy This Summer

Tofino, BC

Last month I shared my thoughts on Five Steps to Becoming a Sustainable Seafood Foodie. Last week in my inbox, the Centre for Food Safety sent me their thoughts on The Best Sustainable Fish To Eat In The Summer. Coincidentally, their article also included their top 5 tips on sustainable seafood eating.
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What Western Medicine Can Learn From Traditional Aboriginal Healing Therapies

Traditional Aboriginal Healing - Vancouver Island BC

Mural in Chermainus, Vancouver Island, BC

For me there is no denying, there is something so very enchanting about traditional Aboriginal healing. Maybe it’s the images of peyote and smoke ceremonies. Or maybe it’s the idea of the mysterious medicine man, with his limitless knowledge in healing herbs and plants. Or maybe its just knowing that our First People had an effective world of medicine before colonisation. Medicine that came from this land and was specific for the people that inhabited it. Aboriginal healing extends far beyond herbal teas and smudging. At its roots it is the belief and the practice in a holistic approach to health- in treating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of health as one.

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5 Steps to Becoming A Sustainable Seafood Foodie

Prince Rupert, North Pacific Cannery

Prince Rupert, BC. Historic North Pacific Cannery .

World Oceans Day is almost here! On June 8th people all around the world, from Australia to Canada, will be celebrating World’s Ocean Day in different ways. For me, the best way to celebrate our ocean is to show our appreciation for the food it provides us with. What better way to do that then to take a step back and reflect on our practices when it comes to enjoying a nice seafood dinner.
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Container Gardening – 8 Edible Plants To Grow This Spring

Spring Time in East Sooke Park, BC

Spring Time in East Sooke Park, BC

It’s here! Its spring!

Once the cherry blossom trees are in bloom in Victoria the city comes to life. Watching those barren, graceless branches give rise to pink and white blossoms marks the transformation from winter to spring. But spring is more than flowers and butterflies. Spring also brings asparagus, rhubarb, and a whole lot of seedlings!
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My Top 5 Sustainable and Iconically Canadian Foods

Vancouver Island, BC

Vancouver Island, BC

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games gave rise to my first, entirely watched game of hockey. It was for the men’s’ gold – Canada vs. Sweden. The 3:30am wake up call brought forward my new found appreciation for the game. I am not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the showcase of phenomenal stick skills, or the nicely built men on skates, but I can definitely see the allure.

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The Low Down on BPA – Health and Environmental Concerns

BPA Epoxy Resins Present In Surfboards,

BPA Epoxy Resins In Surfboards

The more and more I think and write about food, the more I put my pantry shelves to scrutiny. While the ultimate goal is to reduce any reliance on ‘processed food’, one food product that makes a regular appearance in my kitchen is canned tomatoes. They are an essential during the winter months when fresh tomatoes taste like cardboard and can transform winter stews and soups. Aside from canned foods coming with a hefty transportation induced carbon footprint, there is the effects of BPA on the environment (and our health) to consider. If you are not lucky enough to have jars of preserved tomatoes from your summer garden harvest, the BPA in the cans lining could be doing damage. But what is BPA? What are the healthy and environmental concerns?

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