Health Benefits of Fermented Foods – 9 Common Fermented Foods You Have At Home

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods - Asian Salad with Tempeh and Ginger Sesame Dressing

Fermenting foods was first used as a means of food preservation before times of refrigeration and grocery stores. Most of us now associate eating fermented foods with improved gut health, and evidence shows that gut health can play an important role in metabolism, immunity, inflammation, mood, allergies, as well as autoimmune disorders. Unfortunately fermented foods have all but disappeared in our newly sterile, overly-processed world of food, and what our current Western-style diet lacks, traditional diets thrive on. In Asia they consume tempeh and miso, both from fermented soy. In the Caucasus Mountains it is kefir from fermented milk. In Africa they enjoy fermented porridge and cassava. In Korea it is Kimchi and in Germany it is Sauerkraut. Does our health suffer when our modern day diet lacks fermented foods? What are the health benefits of fermented foods? Here are my top 9 common fermented foods you have at home.
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Ginger Spiced Apple Sauce Recipe and Fruit Picking Victoria

Apple Picking and Ginger Spiced Apple Sauce

I have Lifecycles to thank for my first venture of apple picking in one of Victoria’s most beautiful orchards. Lifecycles is a not for profit organization dedicated to cultivating awareness and initiating action around food, health, and urban sustainability in the area. They have their hands in the right barrels so to speak, and they are always looking for more volunteer fruit pickers.
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Wild Blackberries and A Conscious Jam Recipe

Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe

This season was my first blackberry season. Growing up in northern BC we had salmonberries, blueberries and huckleberries… but nothing that grows as feverishly as wild blackberries. After my fair share of thorns and bloody arms I had enough berries to make jam… but what sugar to use? Honey had taken main stage on my shelves but that wouldn’t do for jam. Are there environmental and ethical factors to consider when buying sugar?
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The Basics of Canning, Let’s Start With Salsa!

Canning Salsa - Tomatoes, Garlic, Jalapeno

Tis the season for canning! Canning can seem daunting with all the sterilizing, boiling and sealing. Not only is it more fun to do with friends but if your a canning novice then it can also be safer. That said, if you have never canned before I would highly recommend it. I want to share the many benefits to canning – from health reasons to environmental reasons, as well as a Simple Salsa Recipe.
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